Thursday, November 13, 2008

Seven Quirks

Posted by The Burns

Well, since I haven't posted forever, I thought that I would do this seven quirks tag. Thanks Sarah!

1. I am always looking in the mirror. If there is a mirror in the room, you can bet that I am looking at myself. Vain, I know.

2. I can't read in silence. I have to have the TV on or music playing, or else I can't concentrate in the silence.

3. I hate wearing jeans, I think they're so uncomfortable. If there is any other option, I'll take it.

4. I love having my feet sat on. Cleve is always so nice to sit on them for me. And before Cleve, my mom and Natalie always sat on them! lol

5. Every time I get a pet, I always end up giving it back to where I got it. I've got three cats since Cleve and I have been married, and have given them all back.

6. After I eat, I can't stop picking at my teeth until they're clean. It's really gross, but I can't help it.

7. I don't like sleeping with pillows. I would rather not have one.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Girls' Night/New Shoes

Posted by The Burns

During the priesthood session of conference while all the boys were gone, my mother-in-law took me and my sister-in-law, Becky, out for some fun. First we went out to dinner at Cafe Rio and it was a lot of fun. After dinner, she took us the Shoe Carnival. One just barely opened up in Logan so we went to go check it out. She told us we could each pick out two pairs of shoes!! I was so excited!!! We went wild! We searched forever and each ended up with about 7 boxes of shoes stacked up around us to try on. It was so much fun trying on all the shoes--we had a great time!
Here are some pictures of my new pairs of shoes! They're so pretty--I love them! THANKS AL and LAURIE!
I wore these ones to work today!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008


Posted by The Burns

For Labor day weekend we went to Kanosh to go camping with my whole family. My mom and dad had camp set up so great! We had this huge canopy tent that always gave us shade, a volleyball net, and even a SHOWER! It was such a good time! Cleve and I didn't have a tent, so my parents set up this ancient tent for us. I mean ANCIENT! lol We slept in it the first night, but the next two nights it looked like it was going to rain so Jed and Sarah let us sleep in their tent with them. It was so much fun to have a sleep over with them!
We played so many games, ate lots of food, and just enjoyed each others' company. The only thing that would have made it better was if JaNae, Brady and Cambrie could have been there.
The parents. I love this picture of them.

We love playing badmitten when we go camping. This is Sammy and Jens getting ready to get beat by me and my team. lol

We all went up the canyon a little further from where we were camped and had a picnic. As always, when we have a family get-together my mom had so much food for us. We are never hungry but we eat anyways cause it's so good. We went to this little stream and put our chairs in the middle of it and got our feet wet. It was really fun.

Boating with THE BURNS

Posted by The Burns

A couple of weekends ago, we went up to Logan and went boating one last time. At first it was just me, Colter, Cleve, and Al. We had a blast. Al pulled us around on MABLE and we fed the carp. I love going boating with Cleve's family.
Colter on the tube...he is the cutest little boy. I wish he was mine. He is the perfect little child! I could hang out with him all day. I hope that he is coming to stay with us soon because I miss him so much.

Me and Colter! He usually won't get in the water, but for some reason he wasn't afraid this last time we went boating. He loved riding on the tube.

Al, Colter, and Cleve on SUPER MABLE! I love this picture.

We fed the carp while we were waiting at the dock. Cleve kept trying to catch them with his hands--Colter loved it!

After boating, Becky's, Cleve's sister, little boy Owen had his first birthday party. We went up to Cleve's father-in-law's cabin and had dinner and cake. It was way fun. Party party party!!!

Al and Laurie at the birtday party with their party hats!


Posted by The Burns

Cleve's parents took us on vacation to Texas! We stayed with Pete and Trina, Cleve's brother and his wife. We did so many things while we were there. We went fishing a lot, went to Hurricane Harbor--a water park, went and saw two movies(batman and the mummy), ate at Saltgrass(YUMMY), and I got to see the property that my in-laws are moving to. It is very pretty. They have lakefront property and I can't wait to visit them when they move there. I will be very sad when they no longer live in Utah. We also went to something called First Monday. It is like one big craft market that covers like 10 acres. It was way cool to see everything! We had such a good time!
Cleve's brother Pete, took us out fishing early one morning on the lake that they live right next to. We caught sand bass. It was way fun. These were the first bass I have caught. When I caught my first one, I was so excited, and I was pulling it in the boat as fast as I could. As soon as I got it out of the water, I swung it in the boat and it hit Joey, Cleve's younger brother, right in the shoulder. It was so funny! I still can't stop laughing about it! Sorry Joe!

Cleve's dad took us on a guided fishing trip. It was so much fun! Our fishing guide was so nice and we caught so many fish. I felt lucky that I was able to go. I was the only girl that went with them.
This is us just heading out to the fishing spot!! It was really early, but we were so excited!

WE CAUGHT SO MANY FISH! I haven't eaten any yet, but I guess they're pretty good eatin'. It was so much fun! And, as you can see, Cleve desperately needed a haircut! I didn't have any room to talk because I needed one too! We both got haircuts when we got home. lol!


Posted by The Burns

For my birthday, we went boating with all of Cleve's family! It was so much fun! They have this tube--SUPER MABLE--and we rode it all day long! It was a blast! After, we went to La Beau's and got hamburgers and shakes and ate birthday cake. We had a really good time!
This is the flower that came off of the Birthday cake Laurie did for me! It was such a pretty cake and yummy too!

Cleve bought us tickets for dinner and a show at the Pickleville Playhouse. We had so much fun boating earlier, but we were pooped! We had a while before it started so I was just putting some make up on and Cleve fell asleep. was so funny!! We were talking and then all of the sudden I looked over and he was OUT! The Pickleville Playhouse was so much fun! Dinner was so good and the play was hillarious. My favorite was the pickles they had for refreshments. It was a great birthday!

Honeymooning is for LOVERS!!

Posted by The Burns

Our honeymoon was so much fun! We did so many things. We went to the beautiful sunny state of California!! The first night we stayed in Salt Lake and then made the long drive to California, but the time didn't matter to us, we were just glad to be together!! We went to Disneyland, San Diego Zoo, the OCEAN and so many other fun things. On our way back home, we rode the Buffalo Bills roller coaster and stayed in Mesquite. We had the time of our lives!!!!
We were on our way to Disneyland! I was so excited! I couldn't even wait! We were both sporting our Mickey shirts! We were true disneylanders!

This is at DISNEYLAND! Oh my gosh we had so much fun! We ate SO MUCH while we were there as you can see our churro in the picture. I think we at like three that day. hahaha...we also bought ice cream, cotton candy, steak, ribs, and lots of drinks! We definitely weren't hurting for food. It was the perfect day at Disneyland.

For our honeymoon we stayed at his Uncle Bob's guest house in California!! It was way nice! He also let us borrow his MERCEDES BENZ convertable!! It was cold and a little rainy, but we didn't care! We had the top down all day! The people looked at us like we were crazy.

This is at San Diego Zoo!! It was so much fun! I have always wanted to go and Cleve's uncle Bob bought us tickets to go. That snake was HUGE! My favorite thing was probably the Hippos. They were so cute!! I hadn't ever seen hippos before. We had so much fun at the zoo.

We went to Bass Pro Shops while we were there. It was so much fun!! We ate at the restaurant that is inside. It was way yummy. We ate aligator and squid! It was interesting, but we also got a steak just incase those didn't turn out.

SAD to be leaving:( We had the BEST time ever and we did not want to leave Cali.

On our way home, we stoped at Buffalo Bills. We wanted to ride that roller coaster so we did, and let me tell you, that is the scariest thing I have ever done!!! I thought that it was going to throw us out of our seats. was so much fun!! I'm really glad we lived through it.

Thursday, September 4, 2008


Posted by The Burns

These are pictures from our wedding that my sister-in-law, Sarah, took. I love them! Our wedding was so much fun! We had our reception the night before we actually got married. It turned out exactly how I had imagined. Cleve's dad owns a fireworks company, so at the end or our reception he shot off fireworks. BIG fireworks. They were so beautiful!! It was a dream come true--all of it! Getting married was so wonderful. I wish I could get married all over again(to Cleve) because it was the best day of my life! I wish everyday was Wedding Day! lol

Cleve and his best friends from High School

The Salt Lake Temple was BEAUTIFUL! I am so glad we decided to get married there

We're so happy together

My wonderful family

The Christensen's

My dads! I love this picture!


All the people from the Burns family that came

Cleve's parents and grandparents

Cleve's lovely parents

My lovely parents


Coming out of the temple! Look at how happy we are!


This is my BEAUTIFUL cake. My sister-in-law Trina and her sister made it. It was so pretty as you can see. I was so happy with it.

Thursday, August 28, 2008


Posted by The Burns

We are excited to enter the Blogging world...well, I am, but I don't know how excited Cleve is. This isn't exactly the kind of thing he gets worked up about. I'm just glad that I'll finally be able to comment on people's pictures. hahaha We were just recently married about three months ago and we could not be HAPPIER! Cleve and I enjoy doing many things together. We especially love to go fishing, watching blades of glory, going out to eat, and just being with each other. We have had a lot of fun times together and I can't wait for more. Hopefully we'll be able to share all our great times together with all of you.